Welcome to evaluatrix!


  • We provide Effective Feedback to ensure instructor Quality and Consistency in workplace learning and performance projects.
  • We work to align client training expectations to the interventions, measuring training results with agreed-upon evaluative tools and reporting back to the client.
  • Striving for consistent performance is synonymous with high-caliber facilitators, trainers, and instructors. These consistent results leads to efficient learning systems with an achievable and measureable training investment.


  • What is assessment?
  • Why is our assessment service a differentiator?
  • How can we assist you to ensure you have the consistent performers you need?
  • If you are a trainer, you can't have enough feedback. We'll tell it like it is so you don't have to hear it from your boss, client, or colleague.


  • Rates vary per client call or email us for details.


  • We developed our own Evaluatrix Balance Score Card for our own consistent work.
    • What is it?
    • Why is it useful for you?
  • We also use standard tools, such as the Video assessment forms of industry standard certification exams like CTT+.
  • We will also work with you to develop your own proprietary in-house tools to meet your specific needs.